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Re: [Fedora-xen] Upgrade FC5 Xen -> FC6

On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 08:55:29AM -0700, Chris Hirsch wrote:
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> I'm about to go down the same route. I have FC5 domU's and I was
> thinking about trying the in-place upgrade from FC5->FC6 for each domU.
> Does anybody have any experience with this? I don't think it would be to
> bad given that all of my domU's are console only so no X or anything to
> deal with.

If you are on x86_64 you shouldn't see any Xen specific proiblems with
doing upgrades. i386 is a little more complicated though because we switched
from non-PAE to PAE in the Xen kernels - so if you were to upgrade your
host without first preparing your guests you'll be unable to boot the guests
after the upgrade. 

The solution is fairly simple though - the latest FC5 errata also provides a 
'kernel-xen' RPM which is PAE enabled. So before upgrading your host, just 
make sure you have done 'yum install kernel-xen' in each of your guests.
This will let your FC5 guests contonue working on an FC6 host - you can then
upgrade your guests to FC6 at will.

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