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[Fedora-xen] virt-manager make check errors and connection errors

I'm using virt-manager-0.2.5 on a Debian system. I installed these packages per the prerequisites using aptitude: aptitude install python-gtk2 python-gtk2-dev python-gnome2 python-gnome2-dev python-dbus python-vte python-glade2 python-urlgrabber

I installed libvirt from the cvs sources and I aliened and installed python-virtinst-0.96.0-1.noarch.rpm.

'make check' for virt-manager complained about some rhpl exceptions, so I commented out these lines.

- from rhpl.exception import installExceptionHandler
- from rhpl.translate import _, N_, textdomain, utf8

the 'make check' didn't seem to complain afterwards...but this could be where I screwed things up :)

So I do a 'make install' and try running it and try to connect to the local Xen host and get:
 Unable to open a connection to the Xen hypervisor/daemon.

 Verify that:
  - A Xen host kernel was booted
  - The Xen service has been started

I have verified that I'm booted in Xen and that xend has been started.
here's my log:
blade06:~:) cat .virt-manager/virt-manager.log
Thu, 09 Nov 2006 16:42:16 WARNING  No support for gnome-keyring
Thu, 09 Nov 2006 16:42:16 WARNING Could not connection to session bus, disabling DBus service exceptions.RuntimeError DBus session/starter bus address not defined Thu, 09 Nov 2006 16:42:34 ERROR Unable to open connection to hypervisor URI 'xen': libvirt.libvirtError virConnectOpenReadOnly() failed no support for hypervisor

can someone point out the err in my ways?

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