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[Fedora-xen] virt-manager 0.2.6 release

I'm pleased to announce the 0.2.6 release of 'Virtual Machine Manager'
aka 'virt-manager' is available for download:


The release focus has been on major bug fixing. This is also the
first release in which (partial) translations are available for
the UI in approximately 20 languages - thanks to the Fedora i18n
team for excellant progress on this. It is now possible to control 
the virt-manager UI with command line arguments as well as the DBus
API & DBus activation is no longer used by default which fixes
interaction with GNOME keyring & AT-SPI accesibility. Numerous
UI issues were fixed / clarified, particularly in the graphical 
console and new VM creation wizard.

There are updated screenshots of the UI on the project website:


As ever, report bugs against the 'virt-manager' component in the
Red Hat Bugzilla server.

Work is also underway to address the frequently requested feature of management
for inactive domains. Since this is not supported by XenD on any current
release we're aiming to add support for loading config files straight out
of /etc/xen into libvirt & virt-manager.

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