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[Fedora-xen] VLANs on DomU domains

I am setting up a box with FC6 + xen with FC6 for the DomU guests.
I have a server with 4 gigabit ports and I want to use 802.1Q vlans on one of the gig ports.
I have the VLANs configured in Dom0 without any addresses attached to them.

How do I make the VLANs available to the guests? I want to make 4 VLANs available to each guest.
I have thought of a few alternatives but I cannot get any to work.
1. Bridge the tagged 802.1Q stream from the Gig port through to the guests and configure eth0.x. on the guests
2. Create a bridge on Dom0 for each VLAN so that they appear as eth0...eth3 on the guests. 

The xen documentation is minimal for configuring VLANs. Is there a (FC6) supported way of configuring them?



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