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Re: [Fedora-xen] Win Xp 32 bit as guest in

Hi Denis,

On 11/12/06, Denis Forveille <denis forveille gmail com> wrote:
- is it possible to run an instance of Win XP SP2 32bits as a guest on a
x86_64 FC6 fully updated dom0? (CPU = AMD x2 4600 with pacifica...)

I successfully installed Win XP in an lvm logical volume. Everything
worked fine and at the end, I got the request from XP asking to remove
the CD and reboot...
Then, when I try to start the guest (after changing the line from boot=d
to boot=c in the config file), the only thing I see is a black screen.
(the windows resize itself and then a black screen...)
"xm top" shows that the guest consumes 0% CPU...
I think I've tried almost every combination of parameters in the config
files (pae, acpi,sdl...) during installation and after...
Also, I've seen that others have post similar problems in this forum,
but none of them have answers/workarounds to my problem.

Does anyone succeeded in running such a combination (ie XP SP2 32 bits
in a 64bit FC6)?
Or maybe the problems comes from the fcat that I installed windows in an
lvm instead of in a file?
Thx in advance

I had this problem, too - the solution was re-installing WinXP, and,
when the installer asks you to press 'F6' for addtional drivers, press
'F5' instead.  Then select 'Standard PC ...'

My XP VM runs in either FC6 32 or FC6 64, pretty well.  Hopefully
future versions of Xen won't require this workaround.

David L. Parsley
Linux Systems Engineer, James Madison University
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants"
- Isaac Newton

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