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Re: [Fedora-xen] virt-manager gives "The console is currently unavailable" in FC6

You are right.
Each time I had the intuition it was a problem with VNC connection.
Effectively, after initialising localhost in /etc/hosts everrything works right again.
The good question is now why it comes in this situation ? I never modified this localhost.
Is this an issue with system-config-network or another installation I made ?

In any case, really THANKS for your help !

2006/11/15, Robert Thiem < junk remcc org>:
When first setting up FC6 I had an issue where I could start an FC6 Xen
guest install but couldn't connect with VNC.

I don't know if it's the same (I can't remember the exact messages I was
getting), but it ended up being that "localhost" wouldn't resolve to an
IPv4 address. This was due to a nasty combination of anaconda putting IPv4
and v6 entries in /etc/hosts and system-config-network trimming the
"extra" v4 entry when run.

Anyway I'd suggest:
- Check that you can ping localhost
- Check there's a localhost entry in /etc/hosts associated with
(and not with ::1)
- Run "netstat -antp" to see what ports programs are listening on

Robert Thiem

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