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Re: [Fedora-xen] RHEL4 inside FC5/FC6 Dom0?

Adrian Chadd wrote:

I'd like to install RHEL4 inside a FC5 or FC6 Dom0 to do some Squid development
and regression testing on. Has anyone done this? Any pointers to what I should be
looking at doing?

Bootstrapping Debian under Debian wasn't too hard - just debootstrap into a new
filesystem, then start domU up to finish configuration. I've had absolutely no luck
with the FC5 and FC6 supplied xenguest-install python stuff to bootstrap PVM guests.



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You will find some good documentation @ http://people.redhat.com/~riel/RHEL4-Xen-HOWTO

If you do not have a processor with the VT extension, you can always use qemu to install RHEL4 in FV.

As written in the doc, you will need to use the kernel from

Have fun,

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