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Re: [Fedora-xen] What's the Pre-requisites for virt-manager

On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 07:54:24PM +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
> hi Daniel,
> From the webpage, I can see that dbus and gnome-python-desktop are 
> optional, but when our release engineer try to build, seems they are 
> not, so could you confirm me if we can build/run virt-manager correctly 
> without Dbus?

Ah, I should perhaps clarify that a little. The DBus python libraries
are required to be present, but you don't have to have DBus running. If
it fails to connect to the DBus daemon, the app will log a warning and
continue.  The GNome Python Desktop stuff is competely optional - if you
don't have the python bindings installed it will simply disable the VNC
password saving altogether.

> I carefully read the content in "Dbus Services", My understanding is 
> that Dbus in virt-manager is used to make other external application 
> call some core function, so that they can get display the window/dialog .
> When Dbus is used?
> "The remote control module provides the DBus service 
> <http://virt-manager.et.redhat.com/dbusservice.html> allowing various UI 
> functions to be controlled remotely.": My understanding for "remotely" 
> is to run virt-manager remotely, is it correct? so will dbus only used 
> when remotely? if some application in local machine, it may also use 
> Dbus to run some function?

Not quite - the intent with the DBus stuff is that if you run two copies
of virt-manager on the same machine, the second one will use DBus to find
the first one & just make RPC calls to it. It also allows other applications
within the local X desktop to control various bits of its UI. 

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