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[Fedora-xen] Updated 'xorg-x11-server' + kernel-xen = system reboot.


I was pleased to hear Dan B's announcement of a Xorg fix that would stop
the high frequency random crashing under certain intel chipsets but here
are my results on my Dell GX620.

Booting up is fine, all the way to GDM.  At this point, without logging
in, I can SSH to the machine and check no application failures, and "xm
list" shows my dom0 as expected. However immediately upon successful
login the system reboots.  I tried three times and have now fallen back
to the non-xen kernel. I was trying with "selinux=0" if that's of use.

There is nothing in the messages file to indicate what the problem might
be, the messages file simply contains the next kernel boot message.

>From the sounds of things debugging the intel / xorg issue was a
nightmare, hopefully this gremlin will be easier to tame.  But is
anybody else finding this issue, or just my lucky self?

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