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Re: [Fedora-xen] What's the Pre-requisites for virt-manager

On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 11:30:54AM +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
> hi Dan, I think it over, and seems more concern, see below,
> Daniel P. Berrange ??????:
> >On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 07:31:07PM +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
> >  
> >>Hi Daniel,
> >>
> >>Here I have another question on virt-manager, as you write "an embedded 
> >>VNC client viewer provides console access to each of the guest domains", 
> >>my concern is where is the vnc server, who provide it, and start it?
> >>Need we setup vnc? I looked through the process used to create guest, 
> >>seems there is no any step for vnc...
> >>    
> >
> >The VNC server depends on what type of domain is being run. For HVM guests
> >the VNC server is provided by the qemu-dm process assoicated with that
> >guest. For paravirt guests, VNC is only available if you have the paravirt
> >framebuffer patches applied to your xen tree - these are not in 
> >xen-unstable
> >yet. In paravirt, XenD will launch a xen-vncfb process to provide the VNC
> >server. 
> due to vnc connection is required by vnc-viewer, vnc-viewer can present 
> the graphical console,
> because there is no paravirt framebuffer patches applied to 
> xen-unstable, so virt-manager can't work
> with xen-unstable for paravirt guests, because we can't get the 
> graphical console run. is it right?

That is correct - the paravirt framebuffer patches are no yet in the
xen-unstable tree. In Fedora kernels we apply them as a patch ourselves
since it was important to have graphical console available for both PV
and FV guests in the same way. So any FC5, FC6 or RHEL-5 guest has the
PV framebuffer patches available already, even though they're not 

> xen-unstable should be the latest version of Xen, if it has no paravirt 
> framebuffer patches, maybe xen-stable
> should have no either? and if so, we may say virt-manager not support 
> paravirt at the moment?

The PV framebuffer patches have been submitted several times & it looks
like they are very close to being merged upstream. Perhaps next couple
of weeks if all goes well.

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