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[Fedora-xen] : "Guest Install Error" while creating a para virtualized guest with virt manager on FC6

I have fc6 which runs on AMD x86_64. I have SVM support in this
processor; still I want
to create x86_64 fully virtualized guest OS , based on FC6.

So I ran virt-mananger (I have virt-manager-0.2.3-2.fc6 rpm , which
came with the installation).

After I enter parameters and click "finish" it starts doing something,
but after about a minute or two it stops giving the following error:
"Guest install error"
ERROR: VirDomainCreateLinux() failed

I had tried this 3 times, each time getting the same error.

The parameters I had chosen are:
MachineName: guestFC6
Virtulaization Method: Paravirtualized
installation source:
Disk Image: /work/xenGuest/guest
Disk Size: 2000MB
Maximum memory: 500 MB
Initial memory: 500 MB
Virtual CPUs:   1

Am I doing something wrong ? is there some log where the errors are
more detailed ?


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