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Re: [Fedora-xen] : "Guest Install Error" while creating a para virtualized guest with virt manager on FC6

if you have created the domain with virt-manager, look in /etc/xen/ to see what the name of the config file is.  if you called it "guestFC6" for instance, To restart that domain in the future, you can just type 'xm create guestFC6'

To make it start automatically on system reboot, move that file into /etc/xen/auto/

Ian Patton

On 11/26/06, Ian Brown < ianbrn gmail com> wrote:
  1) Ok, I did succeed with an alternate web site; and the process was
finished ok.
Then I close the virt-manager;
xm list shows now only domain 0.

How can I now restart that guest domain  ?
Resatring the virt-manager does not restart it , as xm list shows.
(let's assume that the file where the guest
domain was created is /home/ian/xenGuest)

2) Regarding Ian Patton remark - I meant para virtualized and not
fully virtualized guest; it was a miskate from me to talk about fully
virtualized guest,sorry.


On 11/26/06, Paul Wouters <paul xelerance com> wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Nov 2006, Ian Brown wrote:
> > After I enter parameters and click "finish" it starts doing something,
> > but after about a minute or two it stops giving the following error:
> > "Guest install error"
> > ERROR: VirDomainCreateLinux() failed
> >
> > I had tried this 3 times, each time getting the same error.
> >
> > The parameters I had chosen are:
> > MachineName: guestFC6
> > Virtulaization Method: Paravirtualized
> > installation source:
> > http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/6/x86_64/os/
> Did you try a different url? Perhaps the web/ftp server was full? Try
> another, eg: ftp://dl.xs4all.nl/pub/mirror/fedora/core/6/x86_64/os/ ?
> Paul

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Ian Patton
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