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Re: [Fedora-xen] FC6 w updates: xenguest-install.py hangs on Dell poweredge

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006, Paul Wouters wrote:

xenguest-install -n ftp.xtdnet.nl -f /children/ftp.xtdnet.nl/ftp.xtdnet.nl.img --nographics -p -l >ftp://dl.xs4all.nl/pub/mirror/fedora/core/6/i386/os/ -x "noacpi noapic" -r 1024

(the noapic noacpi was a test in the hope tht it would fix my issue).

Also, I can still do xm shutdown and then I see the system halting.

Using kpartx and losetup, I checked the filesystems. They hasn't been
any writing apart from formatting done to the disk. So no logfiles of
the anaconda installer to see what went wrong either :



I'm having exactly the same issue trying to load a new Xen guest system. My setup is:

AMD64, 1Gig RAM, SATA Hard disk
Fedora Core 6 x86_64 - Dom0

I'm using FC6 for the guest system also, installing to a partition of the hard disk - /dev/sda15 The installation source is an NFS mount of the FC6 DVD media (in the local DVD drive).

It gets to the "Starting install process. This may take several minutes..." and just sits there. Every couple of minutes, the DVD drives spins up and reads but nothing else happens - like it's stuck in a loop of some kind. The log files in /var/log/xen don't give any clues.


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