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Re: [Fedora-xen] What's the Pre-requisites for virt-manager

Thanks Dan, please see comments below.. :)

Daniel P. Berrange 写道:
On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 07:54:24PM +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
hi Daniel,

From the webpage, I can see that dbus and gnome-python-desktop are optional, but when our release engineer try to build, seems they are not, so could you confirm me if we can build/run virt-manager correctly without Dbus?

Ah, I should perhaps clarify that a little. The DBus python libraries
are required to be present, but you don't have to have DBus running.
So can I say: Dbus is necessary one for building virt-manager, while not when running it?
 If it fails to connect to the DBus daemon, the app will log a warning and
continue.  The GNome Python Desktop stuff is competely optional - if you
don't have the python bindings installed it will simply disable the VNC
password saving altogether.

I carefully read the content in "Dbus Services", My understanding is that Dbus in virt-manager is used to make other external application call some core function, so that they can get display the window/dialog .

When Dbus is used?

"The remote control module provides the DBus service <http://virt-manager.et.redhat.com/dbusservice.html> allowing various UI functions to be controlled remotely.": My understanding for "remotely" is to run virt-manager remotely, is it correct? so will dbus only used when remotely? if some application in local machine, it may also use Dbus to run some function?

Not quite - the intent with the DBus stuff is that if you run two copies
of virt-manager on the same machine,
For "two copies of virt-manager": my understanding is:
Case 1: when I login, and run %/usr/binvirt-manager, then when I run %/usr/bin/virt-manager in the same machine again,
the second one is the copy of first one, and just use DBus/RPC to call.
Case2: When I login machine A, run %/usr/binvirt-manager, then remotely access machine A through machine B, and run %/usr/bin/virt-manager again, so in this case, the second one is the copy of the first one, and use Dbus/RPC.

I have to understand all of these, because we have to decide if we need to support these feature, and if we need integrate Dbus.
it's important to us....
the second one will use DBus to find
the first one & just make RPC calls to it. It also allows other applications
within the local X desktop to control various bits of its UI.

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