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[Fedora-xen] xen partitioning for Vista

I added a new drive to use with a fully virtualized Xen domain.  I intend to run Vista on it.  Should the partition be formatted?  If so, should it be formatted using ext3 or ntfs?  Should the Windows installer do the partitioning?  I asked this as part of a multi-part question previously an only got a partial answer excluding this....  On my system, the partition is /dev/hdc1

On my first attempt at getting Vista to work, I used a file instead of a partition and it worked.  It worked for a very short period of time.  Vista would boot and I could see the desktop.  The only thing that did not work was the network, which I was sure would be an easy fix.  I installed a few patches and some other software via Yum and at some point Vista stopped booting.  I decided to add a new 120G disk for it to use and start over, but ever since I have not been able to get it to run.  None of the logs show anything helpful.  It runs for about 5 seconds, and I can see it boot from the ISO that I made, but after it loads the progress bar to 100% it tries to change the screen resolution or something and the processor drops to 0% and nothing else happens. 

Meanwhile, i have learned a bit about using Xen and tried to help others on the list, but still have gotten nowhere with my own problems.  I will be posting a nice howto once i get all the steps and facts straight.

Thanks in advance,

Ian Patton
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