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[Fedora-xen] Upgrading base Fedora installation with xen

I'm wondering if it would be possible to upgrade from one version of Fedora to another newer version using xen, without any down-time, apart from rebooting the machine to activate the new installation?

Something like this;

1) create a secondary linux root partition.

2) from the current active linux partition use xen to
   install the new version of Fedora on the secondary linux
   root partition.

3) compile and install any programs to /usr/local/xyz for
   the new kernel on the new linux root partition.

4) tweak and setup the new linux installation on the
   secondary partition, so it is ready to boot into.

5) reboot the machine so that the new Fedora root partition
   is now the active root partition.

So in theory, going from an older Fedora root partition, to a completely new installation of Fedora would only incurr the downtime of having to reboot the machine, into the ready and functioning new Fedora installation on the new root partition?

Is this possible, and has anyone tried it yet please?

I got as far a running xen on my machine OK, but KDE and X crashed when I tried to do anything else.

Kind Regards

Keith Roberts


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