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Re: [Fedora-xen] xen and lvm


On 11/5/07, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones redhat com> wrote:
> The advantages of LVM when combined with virtualisation or Xen are that
> you can create guest partitions easily and flexibly, that they can have
> nice names, and that you can resize and also delete them simply.  LVM
> also lets you do this flexibly across physical disks, add extra physical
> disks if you run out of space, and so on.

> So the basic command you need is:
>    lvcreate -L 10G -n myguest VolGroup00
> which would create a 10 GB partition called /dev/VolGroup00/myguest
> within an existing volume group called VolGroup00.  (This isn't going to
> be a tutorial about LVM - there are plenty out there, go and use Google).
> With the partition created above, just use the name of the partition
> directly within the virt-manager creation dialog.  Forthcoming versions
> of virt-manager will be able to do the provisioning of LVM storage more
> automatically.  If you want to follow this work, take a look at libvir-list.
> This doesn't address directly your problem "to be able to borrow unused
> space from one guest to be used in another one".  All that you'll get
> with basic LVM is the ability to resize one guest down and another guest up.

I pointed /dev/VolGroup00/myguest within virt-manager and installed the guest.

Suppose that I need to add an extra physical disk or instead of
borrow, only resize one guest down and another guest up.

I did a lvextend to add 1G to myguest, but how can I make my guest see
that change?
In lvm How To they use the command resize2fs to resize the filesystem,
but I do not realize how to apply that changes to guests using LVM or
partitioned by the guest installer.

I tried to use the guest drive partitioned as /dev/xvda1 (boot),
/dev/xvda2 (/) and /dev/xvda3 (/home) and also with LVM.

How can I make the guest see that change?



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