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Re: [Fedora-xen] xen and lvm

Augusto Castelan Carlson wrote:
I did a lvextend to add 1G to myguest, but how can I make my guest see
that change?
In lvm How To they use the command resize2fs to resize the filesystem,
but I do not realize how to apply that changes to guests using LVM or
partitioned by the guest installer.

I tried to use the guest drive partitioned as /dev/xvda1 (boot),
/dev/xvda2 (/) and /dev/xvda3 (/home) and also with LVM.

How can I make the guest see that change?

I think pvresize is the command (in the guest). However I'd strongly suggest that you take a look at a few FAQs and HOWTOs, for example:



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