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Re: [Fedora-xen] RE: The BSOD 0x101 description

Behpoornia, Kamal wrote:
The issue is described bellow:
	When running Windows Vista ultimate in a domain with two vcpus,
and then do a heavy disk IO in domain0, the Vista will blue screen with
such message "a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary
processor within the allocated time interval" with Bug Check 0x101.
This bug can always be reproduced by running the memory testing from
Linux Performance Testing suite in domain 0. Note: domain 0 must use the
hard disk as swap place.

I need some helps from Linux expert.
1.	Why the system is very slow when you access the hard disk
frequently under Linux?
2.	Does it allowed to preempt when do disk i/o access from 2.6.18
Linux kernel?
3.	The detailed process of disk I/O handler under Linux. The
interrupt status, the cpu status and buffer lock.

Can you open a bug report about this at http://bugzilla.redhat.com please. Be sure to include all details of your system, in particular exact version numbers for each relevant component (kernel, xen, etc.)


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