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Re: [Fedora-xen] recompile for using sdl and vnc

mathieu rohon wrote:
With sdl display, I don't any mouse and keyboard issues, that's not the case
in VNC. Tha fact that te VM dies when the X session dies is not a matter for
My aim is to have a Windows VM which works as if it was not in a VM. Thanks
to sdl display, the windows VM is more fluid. But I'd like to use VNC if I
can have the same result.

Have you tried virt-viewer (it's in recent Fedora) instead of vncviewer or the default virt-manager widget?

Also I've found that setting up libvirt to use a USB graphics tablet instead of the default PS/2 mouse improves mouse handling no end.

In a second hand, I'd like to have a local AND remote display. With VNC, I
can't have both at the same time. I though  that I could have it thanks to
SDL (for local) and VNC (for remote).

VNC should support screen sharing, if that's what you want. Or do you mean two separate displays? Perhaps rdesktop would suit you.

Is there a way, with VNC, to configure two access (local and remote) to the
VM at the same time?

vncviewer -Shared.  Not sure if there is a virt-viewer option for this.


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