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Re: [Fedora-xen] Slightly off-topic question about Xen+LVM

Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

Well, in general it should work.. we'd need to see the error to know if
there's a special-case you've fallen into.

A follow-up to describe what I have found regarding Fedora 8 and my attempts to use LVM snapshots to hold Xen guest images. Maybe it will help others.

In general, I was unable to create any LVM snapshot with an out of the box configuration of a 64 bit Fedora 8 until I manually loaded the "dm-snapshot" kernel module.

  modprobe dm-snapshot

Then, I was able to create a snapshot volume and all seemed fine until I rebooted the machine. The boot sequence failed with a message about "unable to expand snapshot volume" which I assume was caused again by the lack of the "dm-snapshot" module. I used the rescue disk to remove the snapshot volume and was able to boot my machine once again.

I found a number of postings on the debian mailing lists from 2005 regarding the same issue and peoples attempts to get the "dm-snapshot" module to load during boot.

I played around with modules.conf.d configuration to try to get the module to load on boot but didn't have any success.

Do I need to make a custom boot/initrd script or am I on the wrong track? Ideas are welcome.

In the mean time, I have resigned myself to just not ever rebooting the machine while any snapshot volumes exist.


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