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[Fedora-xen] sd_mod and selinux problem using f8xen kernel on f9 system


So I'm using F9 on a laptop installed with rootfs disk encryption. Now I
wanted to run a dom0 xen on it, so i had to go back to a 2.6.21 based
f8 kernel. This kernel did not boot, due to sd_mod not being included
in the initrd. scsi_mod is there, but sd_mod is not. Rebuilding the
fc8xen initrd on f9 using mkinitrd --preload sd_mod resolved that issue.

Additionally, there is a missing "clear" somewhere, so the xen boot
lines and the kernel boot lines interleave badly.

Where should I report this so the next f8xen kernel update will have
that fixed?

Next, I'm getting the following error, after unlocking the encrypted

security: class 31 is incorrect, found x_drawable, but should be drabable
security: the definition of a class is incorect
SElinux: Could not load policy file /etc/selinux/targeted/policy/policy.23: Invalid argument

and then the machine halts.

Note that f9 has been the first version where I didnt run into SElinux
issues and I'm surprised that I found myself not disabling it yet, so
congrats on that front.


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