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Re: [Fedora-xen] what steps are required to manually move a PV domU from one machine to another?

itamar wrote:
Can you explain for me how to do this using LVM ?

there are a easy way to move a lvm partition from a machine to another over network ?

You can easily do it with dd.

Create your LV on the host you would like to copy the VM to.
dd if=/dev/rootvg/guest1 | ssh newhost dd of=/dev/rootvg/copyguest1


Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Sat, Feb 02, 2008 at 12:48:20PM -0800, fc xen list wrote:

I am having a problem - I created a lovely bunch of F8 x86_64 domUs and I want to create a vast clone army of them using different dom0s. The problem is, I do:

fm # virt-install c1 (no graphics)
fm # xm start c1
fm # xm shutdown c1 [ ok I don't _always_ shut it down :P  ]

Welcome to the world of massive data corruption if you copy the
disk without shutting down.

fm # scp -p c1.img othermachine:/var/lib/xen/images
om1 # virsh define c1.xml

You can't just use the same XML for each - you need to change the UUID,
the namem, and disk image in the XML at very least.

om1 # xm start c1

and hangville,
if I do:
om1 # xmstart c1 -c
it seems to hang just after the grub boot menu.

Define hang ? If the guest is configured with graphical framebuffer it
is perfectly expected that you'll not see anything on the text console
while booting.

I assume I am "doing it wrong" but this worked great in the past.

You might want to try the 'virt-clone' tool which will automate much of
the stuff.


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