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Re: [Fedora-xen] virbr0 comes from where?

Tom Horsley wrote:
Actually I'm on centos, but I figure it probably does things
similar to fedora. On centos I see a virbr0 bridge that gets
created and used in clients where I pick virtual network.

I've been trying to understand Xen networking, and since this
virbr0 on centos is doing exactly what I tried unsuccessfully
to do on a debian xen 3.2 system, I thought I'd look and
see how it works.

Easy to say, hard to do :-).

I can't find any place that creates the virbr0 bridge. I don't
see an ifcfg file to create it at boot time, and I just replaced
the brctl command with a shell script to log all info about
brctl calls, then invoke the original brctl, and no brctl command
is ever issued to create virbr0!

Where do it come from?

This interface is brought up and configured by libvirt. So you probably need the libvirt source to check how it's created and configured. Configuration file for this can be found at /etc/libvirt/qemu/networks.


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