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[Fedora-xen] Console Not Configured For Guest


      I have a xen xen-3.1.2-2.fc8 vm created using Virtual Machine Manager 0.5.3-1 running on Fedora Core 8 Kernel


      The xen vm is using qemu-dm x64 (hvm).  Here is my problem:


      When I use the Virtual Machine Console to connect to the VM created with the VMM using the .sxp file as its base, the console is able to connect and everything runs fine.


      When I attempt to bring up the same VM, using a normal xen python config using the same parameters as the sxp file, I get the error from the VMM "Console Not Configured For Guest".


      I have another VM on the same machine that is paravirtualized and I do not have this problem.  I would like to have all my VM's using a common config format for ease of editing, and I'd like to use the xen python format as it has the best documentation.


      Any suggestions as to what I might look at to try and solve the problem?  NOTE: I have examined the qemu.log files, and the only error I can see thrown is "xs_read(): vncpasswd get error."  However, that error comes up when the VM is able to connect as well.



Keith Mitchell


Productivity Associates, Inc.

keithm gotopai com


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