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[Fedora-xen] Re: Re: kernel-xen- don't boot

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 12:14 PM, Felix Schwarz <felix schwarz web de> wrote:
>> Marco Guazzone schrieb:
>>    I've just installed the kernel-xen- on my FC9 for
>>    experimenting with XEN.
>>    Unfortunately when I boot from grub with this kernel (as a host system) the
>>    system reboot after the message:
>>    --- [snip] ---
>>    XEN relinquishing vga console
>>    --- [/snip] ---
> kernel-xen from FC9 does not provide Dom0 ("host") functionality. Currently there is no usable Xen Dom0 in Fedora (besides Fedora 8 where support will be dropped in a few months).
> If you want to have a stable Xen Dom0, you should go for CentOS oder RHEL.
> If you just want "virtualization", you should look at KVM which is the upcoming "standard" virtualization for RHEL. Red Hat announced a few days ago that they think about dropping Xen completely when RHEL 5 is not supported any longer (2014).
> fs

Thank you for the info... I didn't know that.
Sorry for the question but if I understand the kernel-xen RPM is
unusable, is it?
If so, why does it exist?
If not, how can be used?

Thank you so much!


-- Marco

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