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Re: [Fedora-xen] Re: Re: kernel-xen- don't boot

Marco Guazzone schrieb:
Sorry for the question but if I understand the kernel-xen RPM is
unusable, is it?

It's not "unusable". It just provides DomU functionality so with kernel-xen you can run a virtualized Fedora as *guest* on a Xen Dom0 which runs under Fedora 8 oder CentOS/RHEL 5.

There's work going on to get Xen's Dom0 functionality in the main Linux kernel. Then Xen support will re-appear in Fedora (probably even a bit earlier). Please consult the archives if you want to learn more about that.


PS: Part of the problem is the behavior of the Xen developers which had other priorities than keeping up with the latest Linux kernel versions/getting their code into the vanilla kernel. Therefore they put an enormous maintenance burden on distributors which Red Hat was not willing to do anymore.

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