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Re: [Fedora-xen] Goodbye Xen on RH/Fedora?

On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 01:40:55PM +0200, Veli-Pekka Kestilä wrote:
> I would really recommend you to change the Dom0 to be CentOS 5.2 or  
> newer, Fedora 8 has been "Dead" about ½-month allready and will not get  

It's not easy to convert my Dom0 to CentOS, but may be it will be only one
whing which I can do.

But I am still not sure, if it helps. My fc8 domU works well.
May be there are some API changes between fc8 xen dom0 and fc10 domU,
which causes my problems.

> So all in all I think for me this aquisition is good news. I think most  
> problems with xen comes from xensource as it's they only product  
> generating income and for that reason the opensource version seems to  
> get less care than the version you can buy from them. (This is just my  
> opinion so it's not necessarily so)

Destination of KVM looks good, but it's still not ready to replace Xen.
May be after 1-2 years of testing it will be better like xen.


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