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RE: [Fedora-xen] Cross-posting to fedora-virt

	Does this imply that other Xen discussion (such as choosing to use
the 2.6.18 kernel to run Xen 3.4.1 on Fedora) should be discussed at
fedora-virt or xen-users?  I know most Fedora questions on xen-users
typically get a pretty useless "Fedora isn't supporting Xen" type response
as opposed to a "you will have to build it yourself since Fedora doesn't
have a working kernel" or "I see that you built yourself, so let's try this"
type response, so I think trying to deal with xen issues there currently
hurts Fedora users.  If all Xen discussion related to Fedora is carried out
in fedora-xen (as opposed to just pvops), this is all fine and well, but if
non-pvops xen on fedora discussion is carried out in fedora-virt and the
lists aren't merged, then the ken user base for fedora is probably split up.
For instance, I am not a member of fedora-virt, as I was waiting for this to
be done automatically when xen went back into mainstream Fedora, but if Xen
beyond the pvops business is being discussed there, then perhaps I should
be.  Regardless, when the time comes, will fedora-xen users automatically be
placed on fedora-virt instead?  Will duplicate subscriptions caused by this
merge be prevented?

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On Thu, Sep 03, 2009 at 10:50:26AM +0100, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hey,
> I think the fedora-xen mailing list is serving well as a place for all
> you brave souls working on getting Xen pv_ops Dom0 into shape.
> However, I don't think there's much point in having the separate list if
> people cross-post everything to fedora-virt.
> So, thoughts on whether we should either:
>   a) close down the fedora-xen list or
>   b) stop cross-posting everything to fedora-virt

I vote for b), and keep  fedora-xen soley as a place for discussion of 
the  Dom0 pvops work until such time as that's merged upstream, when
we can close it down & have everything on fedora-virt.

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