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[Fedora-xen] Xorg on JF 2.6.31-rc8 with xen 3.5 unstable

Hey guys,

I sadly had no luck fixing my X problem. The system seems to run fine
and as the subject says I moved from 3.4.1-3 to xen-unstable. As I am
already doing fairly bleeding-edge stuff here I thought this would
probably make most sense.

As I only have an nvs290 gfx card available right now I can't check if
this is the problem. But I'll try to get my hands on some other cards
for next week.

Today I read through a lot of mailing list archives and PDFs trying to
dig deeper into the IOMMU/PCI passthrough stuff and I want to give the
graphics passthrough situation a shot myself. Sadly it is very confusing
to read about the different setups and hardware environments with both
positive and negative results. Also the patchsets and versions everybody
is talking about do not make it any easier :)

My current questions would be:
- is the combination of JF git kernel with xen-unstable the right way to
go for this setup? Or should I perhaps use older xen version and apply
some patchset? I think some of those patches were applied in
xen-unstable already but I am not quite sure...

- does anyone have hints or clarification regarding the Xorg problem on
dom0? As I said there are no eye-catching log entries or errors except
the Xorg backtrace at the end of the log file (posted to list before).
This happens regardless of which driver I enable (vesa/nv/nouveau). The
nvidia binary driver compiles without problems and seems to come up but
only gives me a black screen and also locks the vtys.

Thanks to the great help, reports and instructions Boris and others!


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