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[Fedora-xen] Fedora 12 (rawhide) Xen domU works now, minor console keymap issue?


Kernel 2.6.31-0.203.rc8.git2.fc12.i686.PAE for F12/rawhide domU seems to work
now on my F11 host with xen-3.4.1-3 + libvirt from F11 updates-testing +
2.6.31-rc6 pv_ops dom0 kernel.

There's a minor issue with domU vfb graphical console keymap though..

The F11 host has 'fi' (Finnish) keymap, and the F12 domU/guest is also installed 
with 'fi' keymap.

All the 'special' keys on the graphical console (virt-viewer) are broken.. 
I don't really know what the resulting keymap is, but it's pretty weird. 
Not english, not finnish, not anything I know of.. 

List of the important characters that are broken:
* / - _ | ? \ ( )

Either you can't make them at all, or you have to press totally wrong
buttons to get them.. so the console is really painful or impossible to use.

Any ideas how to debug this? Or is non-US even supposed to work?


-- Pasi

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