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[Fedora-xen] Re: Xend doesn't start at Xen 3.4.1 Dom(2.6.31 commit ebf47a1fe1aec22756c32fdba3dd94b05d5b8a84) on top of F11

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 11:07:08AM -0700, Boris Derzhavets wrote:
> Xen 3.4.1  Dom0 has been built via xen-3.1.4-4.src.rpm on top of F11 ( yum updated)
>  This failure didn't happen with rc8 (or rc9),  not sure.
> At the same time via my experience xend starts fine on  the same 3.4.1 Dom0 (same 2.6.31 kernel) been built on top of F12 rawhide (yum updated).
> /etc/fstab contains 'xenfs' entry (3.4.1) in both cases and in both cases message
> /proc/xen is busy comes to console, however on F12 xend starts on F11 doesn't.

I haven't had problems starting xend on F11, with 2.6.31 pv_ops dom0 kernel..

> I believe it makes sense to backport via xen-3.1.4-4.src.rpm CS  20185 plus some other
> CSs to make patching consistent (i cannot find out which ones)  and get an option to remove 'xenfs' entry from /etc/fstab, mounting 'xenfs' at xend start up , what seems
> to be a default behaviour of the most recent 2.6.31 pvops enabled kernel. 

Mounting xenfs from xend has nothing to do with the kernel. It's a
feature of xen-unstable tools, not kernel

-- Pasi

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