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Re: [Freeipa-devel] Error updating group membership

David O'Brien wrote:
> Running on 32-bit F7
> I created a "regular" user as admin, and then logged on as that user
> from the client. I tried to add myself to "ipausers" but received "There
> was an error updating groups. Failures have been preserved in the
> add/remove lists."
> I assume this means I can't add myself to the ipausers group, but it
> doesn't really say why (e.g. Insufficient permissions).
> What and where are the "add/remove lists"?
> I want to ask, "Can we show which groups a user is allowed to interact
> with (i.e. join/leave)" but I remember rcrit I think saying we don't
> check this stuff until you hit Submit. Pity.

On a related note, if you attempt to add a group as a regular user, you
get an extensive error message: Group add failed: A database error
occurred {'info': "Insufficient 'add' privilege to add the entry...} etc.

Much more informative, but not that pretty.

David O'Brien <mailto:daobrien redhat com>
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