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Re: [Freeipa-devel] [PATCH][SSSD] Monitor configuration changes

On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 17:17 -0400, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> First set of changes to the monitor to support live configuration
> reloads.
> Patch 0001: Change the build system so that the monitor's service pipe
> is fixed at compile-time.

ack and pushed 

> Patch 0002: Enable the monitor to handle SIGHUP to start, stop and
> update running children without always restarting them. Note,
> configuration changes where the binary path or provider type has
> changed
> will still necessitate a child process restart.

nack, do not kill and free services in service_signal_reload()

The rest is fine (see minor nitpicking comments on IRC)

> The monitor will signal the children through the SBUS to shut down
> gracefully, but if they do not yet implement it or are unable to do so
> within the specified timeout, the monitor will kill them with a POSIX
> signal. Whenever the monitor's configuration changes, it will send a
> message to all registered children to reread their configuration as
> well. At the moment it doesn't care whether they succeed at this or
> not
> (TODO)


Simo Sorce * Red Hat, Inc * New York

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