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Re: [Freeipa-devel] Re: [PATCH] COLLECTION patches resending

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On 07/13/2009 08:35 AM, Dmitri Pal wrote:
> Stephen Gallagher wrote:
>> On 07/10/2009 05:29 PM, Dmitri Pal wrote:
>>>>>> These unsigned values are the size of the internal stack or depth
>> level.
>>>>>> They need to  always be positive this is why they are unsigned.
>>>>>> I do not want obfuscate the error by preventing them to go below 0.
>>>>>> If it goes the program will crash and we will see the problem.
>>>> Are you sure that the program will crash or maybe just override some
>>>> random memory? If you use a macro you can call abort() if the value is
>>>> 0 and the program will definitely exit.
>>> It will become MAX unsigned. Since the variable is used as an index to
>>> the array it will point to some unrelated memory and program will get
>>> memory violation.
>> You cannot and MUST NOT rely on a "memory violation", since it's
>> possible for you to be working on a machine with copious amounts of
>> memory, where max unsigned might still be addressable (see PAE kernels
>> for examples of this). Sumit is correct, you need to do this with a
>> macro that calls abort() if a program attempts to decrement the stack
>> counter when it's already zero.
> I do not agree with your argument and I do not like the abort().
> IMO it is a theoretical discussion anyways. We are talking about  bad
> things happening if there is a bug.
> The whole point is not to hide it if it is there. But the bigger point
> is not to have a bug.
> The latest patch addresses all the issues with "--".
> If you look at the code closely you will see that:
> 1) In walk_items the depth is incremented at the entry to the function
> and decremented at exit - no check is needed there. 
> 2) In the iterator the check happens at the top of the loop and at the
> beginning the stack_size is set to 1.
> 3) The only problem was in the iterate_up function that is now reworked
> with the second patch.
> Please review and ack/nack.
> Thanks
> Dmitri

Ack and pushed to master.

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