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[Freeipa-devel] [PATCH] 502 hosts can fetch keytabs

Enable a host to retrieve a keytab for all its services.

Using the host service principal one should be able to retrieve a keytab for other services for the host using ipa-getkeytab. This required a number of changes:

- allow hosts in the service's managedby to write krbPrincipalKey
- automatically add the host to managedby when a service is created
- fix ipa-getkeytab to return the entire prinicpal and not just the
  first data element. It was returning "host" from the service tgt
  and not host/ipa.example.com
- fix the display of the managedby attribute in the service plugin

This led to a number of changes in the service unit tests. I took the opportunity to switch to the Declarative scheme and tripled the number of tests we were doing. This shed some light on a few bugs in the plugin:

- if a service had a bad usercertificate it was impossible to delete the
  service. I made it a bit more flexible.
- I added a summary for the mod and find commands
- has_keytab wasn't being set in the find output

This is for ticket 68


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