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[Freeipa-devel] Changing the param scheme


I made a small change to the ipa.js:ipa_parse_qp that you should note:

 -    qs = location.search.substring(1, location.search.length);
+    qs = location.hash.substring(1);

Instead of searching for the ? it serach for the #. THis works much more cleanly with Javascript by allowing us to modify the URL without doing a roundtrip to the server. If we were to change either window.location or window.location.search, it bascially resubmits the http request.

I've gone through and changed everywhere that was doing ? based params. One benefit from this is that we now can have bookmarkable searches. I made a new optional parameter for the search pages (criteria) if that is set when the page is loaded, it will execute a search with that criteria.

I have to clean up the patch a little, and it is dependant on your changes going in, but it works.

After this, I'll address the group details page, or you can.

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