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[Freeipa-devel] Playing with UI


I took the liberty of playing with UI a bit and trying different things.
Below is some comments on what I observed. Some are cosmetic but they
annoy me a bit so I will list them anyways. They probably belong to one
(may be already existing) ticket

Self service case - logged as a newly created user:

a) I do no like the fonts on the tiles. The words "Identity" etc are
hard to see. They should be bigger font and bold.
b) The green tiles are ok in general but the gray line on them looks weird
c) Facets on the user details (and other pages) should be spread out.
Currently the are too close to each other
d) The mouse pointer does not turn into a hand or something usually
associated with clickability when I point to the identity tile, "User"
tile or on the undo marker or collapse section "-" sign on the details page
e) Tooltips on user details page show LDAP fields. Is this intended?
f) Password reset does not work on the user page
g) Account status toggle is confusing. It says "inactive"  for a newly
created user. Toggle should be a link or button.
h) Multiple phones and emails are still not implemented
i) GID/UID are not "protected" fields on the details page
j) Search should be definitely removed from the facets (at least for the
self service use case)

Admin use case
a) Identity->Users page
* Columns are very strangely aligned. The checkbox column is too wide
* User login though a link by the behavior it does not look like a link

c) In the "User groups" facet
* "User groups" is ok as a title of the facet but not ok as the title of
the list of the groups user is enrolled in. Suggest we change it to
"Groups that the user is a member of" or something like this. We have a
lot of space in the title to be less confusing
* The group names should be links in this list
* There is no way to remove user from a group
* There is no check box column on the a check box in the title. I think
the whole list is broken.
* Should there be quick links?

d) Enrolling into a group
The filter finds even the group that the user is already a member of and
dialog allows to add them to the results list.
No warning is shown later indicating that user is already in the group.

e) Facens for a host are confusing. It has "users" there.

f) For services the Hosts facet should not be there I think. There
should a link on the details page to jump to the host details page.

g) "Back to top" link at the bottom of the page brings you to the list
of users. This seems to be wrong.

h) Clicking on the "Global" password policy produces an error

Generally a lot of progress and a good foundation...
... but there is a lot of cleanup in front of us. I suggest as soon as
we agree on the design of the HBAC and DNS we start polishing the UI
section by section area by area.

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Engineering Manager IPA project,
Red Hat Inc.

Looking to carve out IT costs?

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