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Re: [Freeipa-devel] Building FreeIPA on Debian Unstable

And...that was pretty much as far as I got.
with the updated repo + updates from the ppa the build succeeds but
tests fail, and those are harder for me to parse. Full build log at

Your first error is:

Failure: ImportError (No module named samba) ... ERROR

followed by missing ipaclient and pyasn1 modules.

There seem to be a slew of Kerberos errors, which indicate that the Kerberos server was not getting set up to run correctly...which may in fact be due to the Directory  server not running correctly.  I'd start with ensuring 389, then Kerberos, don't have any path dependnceis that are different between Debian and Fedora.  The radius issue might be enough to mess up Kerberos, but I doubt it.

Once we get a working process we can clean up the documentation.

Looks like we need 1.12 of Kerberos to get Radius support, worth pinging
the Debian krb supporters to see if they have a package in the works.
I filed a bug about it, we'll see how it goes. Maybe 1.12 is ready soon


Also, since I submitted the patches for client support I did work on
them to fix the issues I found, but never sent any status update to the
previous thread. IIRC there is one issue left with how to handle
updating pam configs, or maybe just leave it up to the package to deal
instead of ipa-client-install.. (since enabling them by default on
package install isn't a huge deal)

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