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[Freeipa-interest] New content on the FreeIPA web site: Design Pages and Updated PRD

Dear FreeIPA Community,

In the last few months the FreeIPA development team has been focusing on
R&D for the features and components that will be released as a part of version 2. We are approaching the conclusion of this research
phase and we are happy to announce that we are going to update the
project web site with the results of this activity.

The first thing we published is a revised PRD. http://freeipa.org/page/V2BPRD The new PRD contains all the requirements that we think should considered for inclusion into FreeIPA version 2. We will keep updating the PRD and the upcoming changes will highlight the requirements that we may defer to later versions based on resources and time estimates.

We have put a lot of thinking into how different components and parts of the system will work together. We are about to publish design
pages that express our implementation plans and ideas.
The first one we are going to publish is about the IPA client design. We
will follow it with other pages covering policy management, description
of the new directory server objects, new pluggable management framework,
UI and other related material.

Your feedback is very important!
You are welcome to contribute in any area you find interesting whether
it be design, documentation, code or anything else.

Thank you,
FreeIPA Team

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