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Re: [Freeipa-users] Some questions - using LDAP and mac os x version

Dmitri Pal schrieb:
> Götz Reinicke wrote:
>> Hi,
>> recently I started to investigate freeIPA as we do have a lot of windows
>> and mac os x clients and mostly RH EL 5.x Servers.
>> I set up a test server and installed and followed the instructions from
>> the FreeIPA documentation homepage.
>> At most I'm interissted in authenticating mac os x clients so I started
>> to test the client installation. As for the moment I have only 10.5
>> Clients; the doc referes to 10.4.
>> After some steps I saw, that some parameters and options are different,
>> so I stopped :).
>> My questions:
>> Is freeIPA usable with 10.5? If so, what has to be changed?
> Probably yes but we do not know for sure.
>> May I help by providing my experience?
> Yes. Please. If you can share your experience about configuring 10.5
> would be really great.

O.K. as soon as I have time, I'll document the different steps. I'm
shure that I than need some help.

>> Can I use freeIPA also as a LDAP directory for e.g. E-Mail-Clients like
>> thunderbird to look up addresses?
> Yes. IPA is a directory. When configuring lookups please keep in mind
> that IPA has a flat tree of user accounts.
> http://www.freeipa.org/page/Image:IPA-DIT.png

Could you give me a hint, what I have to configure and how? That would
be greate!


Götz Reinicke

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