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Re: [Freeipa-users] Slave Replication

David Christensen wrote:
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Since FreeIPA uses FDS for LDAP, there is a limit of four masters in a
replication configuration.  Is there a documented method for configuring
master/slave replication?

I want to setup 4 masters in different data centers, and then have
slaves in other locations to keep lookups local when needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

The limit of 4 masters is more a "this is all 389 has certified/tested" limitation. It may be able to support more but it hasn't been thoroughly tested.

We don't currently support read-only replicas. It isn't a technical limitation, as you point out DS supports it just fine, a tool just hasn't been written. It really opens the world up to some nasty looking network diagrams so we want to think carefully about what we're doing before we enable it.


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