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Re: [Freeipa-users] Sync IPA and AD while using external CA

Dear Rob,
Thanks for your response:

> Yes but which cert did you provider, the root CA contoso.com or the
subordinate CA local.dc?
Actually I was using active directory's certificate with --cacert switch in ipa-replica-manage
Thanks to info you gave me about NSS I changed the approach. 
first: using certutil, I manually added root CA (contoso.com) and subordinate(local.dc) certificates in /etc/dirsrv/slapd-REALM database
# certutil -A -d /etc/dirsrv/slapd-YOUR-REALM -n "contoso.com CA" -t CT,, -a -i /path/to/contoso.pem
# certutil -A -d /etc/dirsrv/slapd-YOUR-REALM -n "local.dc CA" -t CT,, -a -i /path/to/localdc.pem

then, following same approach, I added Active directory's certificate to the same db.
# certutil -A -d /etc/dirsrv/slapd-YOUR-REALM -n "active directory CA" -t ,, -a -i /path/to/ad.cer
Note: since the original certificates were in .cer format and its same as .pem I just renamed certificates to .pem

Now my db has 5 certificates in:
a) root CA certificate (contoso.com
b) Subordinate CA (local.dc): issued to local.dc by contoso.com
c) Active directory CA (ad): issued to active directory by local.dc
d)IPA certificate:issued to IPA server by local.dc
e)localhost certificate: issued to localhost by IPA server 's internal CA.

finally I ran ipa-replica-manage:
- using contoso.com CA in --cacert it says TLS error -8179: Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized
-using local.dc CA in --cacert it says TLS error -8157: Certificate extension not found.
-using Active Directory CA in --cacert it says TLS error -8179: Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized

 I would be glad if you help me more with this issue!

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 5:17 PM, Rob Crittenden <rcritten redhat com> wrote:
Please keep responses on the list

mitra dehghan wrote:
> Thank you for your response.
> -First of all in section 15.5.1 of Red hat Enterprise Linux 6 Identity
> Management guide it says to copy both ad and IPA certificates in
> /etc/openldap/certs and i did the same. of course it worked when i was
> using internal CAs.

Ok, it doesn't hurt anything, but for the purposes of ipa-replica-manage
it is a no-op.

> - I pass ad certificate in ipa-replica-manage command via --cacert switch.

Yes but which cert did you provider, the root CA contoso.com or the
subordinate CA local.dc?

> - After all I would be glad if you could give me more info about NSS
> database. Is that kind of substitute for /etc/openldap/certs? would you
> please give me more details about configurations needed for that?

The crypto library that 389-ds uses is NSS. This uses a database to
store certificates and keys rather than discrete files. The certutil
tool is used to manage this file (there is a brief man page).

ipa-replica-manage will add the AD cert to 389-ds for you, but you can
add certs manually and I think it might help in this case:

# certutil -A -d /etc/dirsrc/slapd-YOUR-REALM -n "contoso.com CA" -t
CT,, -a -i /path/to/contoso.pem
# certutil -A -d /etc/dirsrc/slapd-YOUR-REALM -n "local.dc CA" -t CT,,
-a -i /path/to/localdc.pem

The -n option specifies a "nickname" to use for the certificate. You can
use pretty much anything you want but being descriptive helps.


> On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Rob Crittenden <rcritten redhat com
> <mailto:rcritten redhat com>> wrote:
>     mitra dehghan wrote:
>     > hello,
>     > I want to implement and IPA server and Sync it with my 2012 ms ad.
>     While
>     > things go well using an internal CA in each server, I came across kind
>     > of problem when I want integrate solution with my PKI which is already
>     > serving the AD server.
>     > I can install IPA with --external-ca switch. but when it comes to
>     Sync.
>     > agreement it says "TLS error -8179:Peer's Certificate issuer is not
>     > recognized."
>     >
>     > The architecture is:
>     > - There is a root CA named contoso.com <http://contoso.com>
>     <http://contoso.com>
>     > - There is a subordinate CA named local.dc
>     > - The certificates of AD and IPA server are both issued by local.dc
>     > - IPA's certificate is issued  based on the CSR file generated by
>     > ipa-server-install
>     > - I have copied both certificates in /etc/openldap/certs directory and
>     > the rest was same as what i did in the internal CA scenario.
>     >
>     > while the FreeIPA docs say both servers must have internal CA's i need
>     > to integrate solution with available PKI.
>     > I would be glad hear suggestions if this scenario is applicable
>     and what
>     > is wrong there.
>     > thank you
>     389-ds doesn't use /etc/openldap/certs.
>     What cert are you passing in when creating the winsync agreement using
>     ipa-replica-manage?
>     You may need/want to add these certs to the IPA 389-ds NSS database
>     prior to setting up the agreement.
>     rob
> --
> m-dehghan


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