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Re: [Func-list] [patch] test.bigint (WAS: mount.df)

Il giorno 26/ago/08, alle ore 15:56, Luca Lesinigo ha scritto:
I found out the hard way that XML-RPC doesn't like integers bigger than 32bit, so the space is reported in 1KiB units. This gives us a maximum fs size of 4TiB, which is rather small.
I'm unaware of that problem.   Interesting.
Added a test case to the test module demonstrating the issue. Patch included.

it has been fixed in python SVN some three months ago: http://bugs.python.org/issue2985

I don't know python's release process/policy so I don't know if they'll backport the fix or keep it only in python-2.6. I have a feeling that they'll only put it in the next 2.5 bugfix release, if one will ever exist.

Seems like func will need a workaround or to expect exceptions whenever > 32bit quantities shows up (memory stuff in hardware info? network traffic counters in current (if any) or future modules?)

Luca Lesinigo

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