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Re: [Func-list] jboss module update

> Hi Luca, I've been following this mailing list for while to watch the
> project progress and see where it is heading and unfortunately I've
> seen lots of people post questions, some patches, etc... and very
> rarely see anyone, let alone the Func developers reply to the list.
> Which leads me to believe that a. they either don't read the mailing
> list or b. Not much development on Func is occuring. 

Hello Romeo,

I think you are right. Maybe someone did anything on the func projects
last months, but I think not. This mailing list is dead; no one is
writing message here.
The great problem is that few people has access to Git (naturally) and
it seems no one of these is going ahead working on this project.

I hope something could change. We have a project based on func, we are
writing code for func... but without a way to commit these changes also
our project hasn't a long life (or even, not in this direction and with

> I'd be happy to be proven wrong though.
> -- 
> Romeo Theriault
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> Information Technology Services
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