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[Func-list] func and certmaster 0.28 releases

Hi folks,
 I've made a new release of func and certmaster. This fixes a lot of
bugs from the 0.27 releases and adds a few new options/features.
Some of you will be happy to know I added actual git tags this time! :)

There are a lot of new func-commands in this release, some of them are
going to help a lot of folks use func more easily.

in many cases they are.... underdocumented so I encourage folks to play
with them and PLEASE submit docs/faqs/etc.

Also please ask questions and we'll try to answer them as much as

Significant fixes/Changes:
- working properly with python 2.7+ :)
- new cpu module
- new yumcmd module
- func-command, func-find-user, func-down-hosts, func-list-vms-per-host,
func-ps-compare, func-whatsmyname, func-yum
- fix hostname finding
- add 'allow_unknown_minions' option to overlord - let's us have minions
we don't have the certs available for locally but we know the host
exists. Func will attempt to make the connection based on just resolving
the name. If it resolves and the cert the host offers is signed by our
Certmaster/CA then it will continue as normal.
- getfile module added (opposite of putfile with sensible directory
- lots of fixes to the grouping code with puppetminions
- when we  create dirs for our command dbs on the overlord side, don't
assume everyone is global and root - behave when run as a user.

func tarballs:

certmaster tarballs:

sha256sums  are signed with my gpg key.

I'd like to thank Greg Swift for starting to contribute to the code
recently and seriously helping to motivate me to understand the
delegation code better. :)


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