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Re: Apache permissions newbie question

Hi All
  I got this problem solved, with help from the Server FAQ, at
  Simply, the PUT method, which is used for uploading files to the Web
server, is not implemented in Apache, so must be relayed by an external
transfer program ( .cgi for example ).
   Thanks to all.

  Jean Francois Ortolo

>Hi All
>  My apologies, for my recent post, which didn't describe the problem on
>an interpretable way. Here is the new, modified post.
>  I've got Apache+PHP+MySql installed, these all work fine, while
>receiving data or files.
>  However, I use this Apache server as a local server, so I wish to
>a web site in local, using Amaya.
>  Here are the parameters:
>  root server directory: /www
>  root document directory: /www/htdocs
>  user directory: /www/htdocs/home/ortolojf/public_html
>  The Apache server is designed in /www/conf/httpd.conf , to run as group
>nobody, user nobody.
>  There might be a problem, for whenever I try saving a file in the user
>directory, I get this error message, translated into english:
>  Error while saving the URL
>  This operation is not permitted.
>  Server reason: Method not allowed.
>  Second, here are the content of both the files: access_log and
>error_log, while trying to save this index.html file:
> - - [11/Jan/2001:20:37:20 +0100]
> "HEAD /home/ortolojf/public_html/index.html HTTP/1.1" 404 0
> - - [11/Jan/2001:20:37:20 +0100]
> "PUT /home/ortolojf/public_html/index.html HTTP/1.1" 405 326
>[Thu Jan 11 20:33:09 2001] [notice] Apache/1.3.12 (Unix) PHP/4.0.4
> -- resuming normal operations
>[Thu Jan 11 20:37:20 2001] [error] [client] File does not
> /www/htdocs/home/ortolojf/public_html/index.html
>[Thu Jan 11 20:40:43 2001] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down
>  I might think this is either a httpd.conf file configuration problem,
>a user nobody rights issue.
>  Here are my questions, in both cases:
>  1- httpd.conf configuration problem: What is to be done?
>  2- user nobody rights issue: 
>     The user directory tree from /www/htdocs/home/ortolojf has been
>     chowned to ortolojf:ortolojf and all the permissions from 
>     /www/htdocs/home have been set to 777
>     As you may see on the access_log report, the PUT method has well
>     sent to the server, causing an error, then the message appeared
>     on the screen. Is there something to check/fix about the nobody
>     user rights?
>  Thank you very much for any suggestions.
>  Jean Francois Ortolo

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