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RE: 4 doubts on Kernel compilation (A dual boot Win-Lin Machine)

> I was told that the following were the steps for making a kernel :
> cd /usr/src/linux
> make config
> make dep
> make clean
> make bzImage
> make modules

I do this:
make xconfig or make menuconfig
make dep clean modules modules_install install

xconfig and menuconfig are much easier than the antiquated make config.
Make sure that you do modules_install if you want to use modules.  Make
install will do the make bzImage, and place it in /boot/2.kernel.version,
thus you can add an entry to lilo.conf before you start, and make install
will run lilo for you (e.g. if you are making a 2.4.2 kernel, place an entry
in lilo.conf with image=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.2).
> I have 4 doubts :
> 1. If I have made a kernel module , say  prn.o , does this 
> automatically get entry
> into a kernel through this procedure ?

If you just have the kernel module, no it will not be entered into the
kernel.  If you apply the patch to the kernel for that particular module,
and during make xconfig/menuconfig you select that module, then it will be
included in the kernel.
> 2. Could somebody please tell me what
> ' make '  really is about ?

make uses your version of gcc to compile the modules/kernel, etc.  Look in
the Makefile to see exactly what it does.
> 3. Could you tell me what each of the above steps is intended for ?

config/xconfig/menuconfig = select which drivers you want to include in the
kernel and whether they should be installed as modules (which can be
inserted or removed at will), or included directly in the kernel (which
makes for a larger kernel).
dep = make dependencies.  If some module depends on some other module, this
is where it finds out about it.
clean = cleans out the directories of old modules, reject files, etc.
modules = create all modules
modules_install = install above modules in /lib/modules/2.kernel.version
install = makes bzImage (which is the actual kernel), and installs it in
/boot, and runs lilo, which writes to the MBR/1st partition.
> 4. I am having a dual - boot Win - Lin machine . Will any 
> form of kernel compilation
> affect either :
>     a. The dual - boot structure

Not unless you change the entry in lilo.conf

>     b. The Linux partition and OS

Yes, if you add in the above lilo.conf entry for the new kernel.  It will
rewrite the MBR, and add in the option for the new kernel.

>     c.  The Windows partition and OS

No, not at all.

> Thanks,
> (shyamk@eth.net)
> Shyam


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