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[Hwcert-announce-list] [Red Hat Partner Announcement] Updated Hardware Test Suite (HTS) RC Packages for RHEL 5.2

Greetings Red Hat Worldwide Partners,

Red Hat is pleased to announce the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hardware Certification Test Suite (HTS) *Release Candidate* (hts-5.2-12.el5) and documentation for use with the forthcoming RHEL 5.2 GA at the following location:


NOTE: Official certification runs on RHEL 5.2 may *not* be completed and
submitted to Red Hat until the official GA-level RHEL 5.2 *and* GA-level HTS code is released. The HTS *Release Candidate* is provided as a means to test HTS on pre-GA RHEL 5.2 systems.

NOTE: This HTS Release Candidate is *not* for use in official certifications, regardless if used in combination with GA-level releases of RHEL.

Please review the details below and file any bugs against the 'Red Hat Hardware Test Suite' product in Bugzilla (http://bugzilla.redhat.com) if you experience any HTS-specific defects..

The updated schedule for HTS for RHEL 5 is as follows (subject to change):

--------------------------TODAY--------------- 23-Apr-2008
- HTS Release Candidate to partners FTP site:  23-Apr-2008
- HTS GA to partners FTP/begin RHN push:       05-May-2008

Expected Policy Changes to take effect at hts-5.2 GA:

* cpuscaling test will be required for RHEL5 on hardware which includes this feature.

* expresscard test will replace manual testing for expresscard enabled systems supplementing the socket test functionality.

Test suite changelog from the 5.2-4 package:

410741: Multiple instances of HTS may be run on the same system
422561: FEAT: hts self verification
427339: [HTS5.1-18][harness][ia64][EL4] - hts plan giving traceback...
432025: Bug in mkisofs causes dvd+-rw test to fail
435718: HTS should run suspend to run first
435827: cpuscaling test imports decimal module not in python 2.3
437227: After running hts storage test, the label name of swap...
438235: Red Hat Cert fails on eth0 network test
438368: battery test traceback on discharge try limit failure
438375: network test traceback when checking time
438376: RHEL4: Info test fails HTS self-verification
439819: LTC43548-hts storage test is failing
439820: LTC43551-hts memory test fails with over 1GB of memory
439821: LTC43545-hts network test is failing
442085: info test does not log self-verification failures
442739: unicode decode error causes traceback

Red Hat values your ongoing participation and testing in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux development and testing efforts. Thank you for your continued partnership. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact your Partner Manager or Technical Account Manager.


The Red Hat Hardware Certification Team.

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