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[Hwcert-announce-list] [Red Hat Partner Announcement] Red Hat v7 Hardware Test Suite v7-1.3-43 GA Package Available


Greetings Red Hat Worldwide Partners,

Red Hat is pleased to announce the general availability of the Red Hat v7 hardware test suite v7-1.3-43 for hardware certification purposes with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6.

The Red Hat v7 hardware test suite GA package (v7-1.3-43) is an official release and supersedes previous versions of v7. Although Red Hat strongly recommends that this v7 hardware test suite GA package be used for Red Hat Enterprise Linux certification submissions, vendors may continue to use the previous v7 hardware test suite (v7-1.2-25) for official certifications *already in progress* for a period of 90 days from this announcement.

The Red Hat v7 hardware test suite GA (v7-1.3-43) package now is available on the Red Hat Customer Portal (http://access.redhat.com) and at the following location:


Highlights of the GA version of the v7 hardware test suite (v7-1.3-43) include:

* In an effort to better support hardware control in RHEL6 and TurboBoost enabled processors, the cpuscaling test has been restructured to execute against a package instead of per core. Test planning for the cpuscaling test is impacted by this change; cpuscaling will schedule once per system instead of for each core.

* The network test now requires a server with a matching version of v7. For example, a system under test with v7-1.3 installed must be connected to a v7 server running v7-1.3 as well.

* The network test now uses http instead of nfs during the file transfer.

* A wireless test (wlan) has been added. The wlan test is designed to gather information for wireless devices. The network test continues as the functional (send/receive) test.

* The following changes have been introduced to kdump:

- Please note that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6(.x) now requires kdump testing on an integrated storage and network adapter using the reboot test in the v7 test suite. Although results are required to demonstrate proper test execution, kdump testing failures will *not* block Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6(.x) certifications. Red Hat expects to require successful passing of kdump tests as a condition for certification with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. Accordingly, please open kdump bugs as soon as possible for resolution in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. (This is an updated policy change. Red Hat had originally provided guidance to partners in September 2010 that successful passing of kdump tests would be required for certification in Q1 CY2011.)

- The kdump test in network mode now requires a v7 server.

- The kdump test now uses dump level 31 to reduce the vmcore capture size and time.

- The kdump test will now also do a validation litmus test on the storage and network based vmcore.

* The reboot test is now scheduled twice by default (for storage and network) when kdump is enabled.

* The reboot test time limit is now configurable in /etc/v7.xml. The default is 10 minutes. This 10-minute limit has been tested on systems with up to 128GB of memory, but may need to be increased on larger systems. The time limit is configured with a line similar to the following:

<time-limits fv-guest-timelimit='60' reboot-timelimit='10'/>

* The floppy drive test is deprecated and has been removed from the v7 package.

* v7 will now prompt the user to submit results before reaching the results size threshold.

Filing Bugzillas:

The v7-1.3-43 hardware test suite package has been verified against RHEL6 and RHEL5 on the x86, x86_64, ppc64, and s390x architectures. If you encounter any problems, please file bugs against the 'Red Hat Hardware Certification Program' product in Red Hat Bugzilla (https://bugzilla.redhat.com).

Changelog between v7-1.3-35 and v7-1.3-43:

641157 - Fencing test gives result of AUTO when run, instead of PASS or FAIL
676239 - v7 Coverage for loading Tech Preview device drivers in RHEL6.1
679011 - fencing test fail on v7-1.3-10
698463 - network test is killed on s390x
690797 - Some test parameters should be moved to v7's configuration file
698984 - v7 sets /var/v7/store as world-writeable
701621 - suspend test failed on RHEL6

Known Issues list for v7-1.3-43:

524983 - v7 Network server blocked from working by SELinux
701939 - ia64 fv_storage guest fail
702168 - v7-1.3-35 Hardware Test Suite: v7 server requires fence-agents rpm
702491 - V7 1.2.x and 1.3.x fail to add expresscard tests to plan
702695 - v7-1.3-35 v7 server requires python-lxml

Red Hat values your ongoing participation and testing in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux development, testing, and certifications efforts. Thank you for your continued partnership. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact your Partner Manager or
Technical Account Manager.


The Red Hat Hardware Certification Team

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